Featured Presentations

Featured presentations from OISTAT online events, Commissions’ activities and OISTAT members. All the videos will be available from October 1, 2021 through October 15, 2021.

Featured Presentations from SENA 2020/2022 Online Forum

Alternative Theatre, a Conversation with Nora Amin, Performer, Choreographer, Writer and Theatre Director

The Mediterranean as a Mirror: Performance Designers Reflect on their Heritage

Sound Design Practice in Northern Africa

A New Opera House at the Egypt New Capital

Costume Designers and Practice in the SENA Region

Aragouz and Shadow Puppetry's Performance Philosophy and Strategies: Egypt as a Model

Spaces of Negotiation and the Audience Response, as Seen Through the Summer Restart of Live Theatre and KYPRIA International Festival in Cyprus


Featured Presentations from Designers on Design

Designers on Design - Robin K Das

Designers on Design - Jean-Guy Lecat

Designers on Design - Daniela Portillo Cisterna

Designers on Design - Michael Ramsaur


Featured Presentations from OISTAT Architecture Commission

What Makes a Successful Performance Arts Building?
- A Panel Discussion

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) in Taiwan by Louis Janssen

Ha Long Theater in Vietnam by Cyril Lami

The New Home of Royal College of Music

Featured Presentations from OISTAT Costume Design Sub-Commission

Costume Designer- Sara Salomon  

Featured Presentations from OISTAT Education Week

2020 OISTAT Education Week Closing Session & The Future of Theatre


Featured Presentations from OISTAT Members

Fading Lights, the Cross over from Candle to LED by Chris Van Goethen & Anders Larsson

Featured Presentations from OISTAT Space Design Sub-Commission

Mistura - A Space Design Sub-Commission Collaborative Proposal for World Stage Design 2022



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