RE: Connection

2020 is a year full of challenges but also opportunities. While the way we live has been changed by COVID-19 dramatically, it is time for us to reconnect with each other and rethink the meaning of “connection.”

As a global platform for theatre makers, OISTAT gathers people together no matter how hard the situation is. The name “RE: Connection” resembles the subject line of an email, referring to unexplored possibilities of how we connect and communicate.

OISTAT Congress will take place virtually in October 8-13, 2021 with a focus on “re-connecting global theatre community” and we would like to invite the public and all OISTAT members to reflect on the possibilities of connection in the future. The congress will be FREE of charge for all attendants. If you are interested in interacting with us, we hope you will get to know OISTAT more through attending this online congress.


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